Option 1 is designed for those who already have financial guidance and monthly accountability with their existing accountant in place. Items within this package include:

  • A weekly accountability coaching call
  • Ad hoc calls/text messages throughout the week where required
  • My system to eliminate tyre kickers including charging to quote
  • Sales role play and training including scripts
  • Job tracking software recommendations
  • Website assistance and design
  • Brochure/branding assistance and design
  • HR strategies
  • Implementation of your own guarantees
  • Facebook marketing strategies


Option 2 is designed for those who require assistance and guidance in relation to accounting and pricing strategies. This package is more extensive and designed to give more clarity around financial future and peace of mind in relation to this. This package includes:

  • All of the items listed in Option 1 +
  • A 1 on 1 coaching/accountability meeting with the accountant
  • Budget implementation & teaching you how to be accountable to your own budget so that you aren’t reliant upon an accountant or coach to do so
  • Implementation and coaching of the gross profit per hour pricing methodology
  • Tracking of productivity and efficiency
  • Work in progress implementation and training so that you can measure for yourself on a monthly basis
  • Assistance with Google Ad words and lead generation

Non specific coaching items include:

1. Team and workflow assistance/guidance

2. Client assistance/guidance

3. General business/personal guidance

The investment for the above-mentioned package over the 6 month period will be discussed with you in greater detail at our meeting. As well as various payment options.

I am both excited and confident that by working together we can accomplish both financial and personal gains above and beyond what you could possibly imagine.

Team work and a mutual desire is what it takes.

I very much look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best regards